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Let us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for God

Year 3

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Welcome to Year 3

March 2018

The children have started a new topic Heroes & Villains!  The children will be looking at fictional heroes and villains as well as those found in real life and throughout history.  They will use their research skills to find information to write a short biography of famous (or infamous) characters to create a class book of top heroes and villains. 

In science, we will be exploring forces and magnets and the children will be investigating magnetic and non-magnetic materials and their properties.  They will use their observational skills to describe the effects of magnetism and devise their own scientific investigation to answer questions they have about magnets.

Our main RE focus this half term is on prayer.  The children will look at how God is represented in different ways and the role prayer has in our daily spiritual lives.  Also, we have a number of children undertaking preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation.  We will keep them in our thoughts and prayers as they begin their spiritual journey towards their 1st Holy Communion.

 Snow Day Activities

  1. Draw a snowy landscape with sledging, snowmen and snow flakes.
  2. Can you make a snowflake by folding and cutting paper (mums and dads could help)
  3. Build a snowman.
  4. Write a snow day poem or rhyme.
  5. Try to solve these maths problems the way we did in class yesterday.

                        23 x 4             63 x 3          123 x 4          145 x 3          94 x 2           121 x 5     

   6. Copy out you 4 x table forwards 1 x 4 = 4   2 x 4= 8..and backwards ..48 divided by 4 = 12.. 44 divided by 4 = 11


January 2018

Year 3 have been working really hard to complete their learning about Volcanoes - including some incredible 3D artwork during their topic lessons. They have worked together to produce an amazing replica of Mount Vesuvius, Italy. They are going to 'erupt' it in science, just like what happened in the destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD. The children have researched using both reference books and the internet to find out all about volcanoes, how they are formed and be able to explain the process or eruptions including lava flows and streams. 

They have also begun to explore rocks, including how different they look and feel. We have used a range of scientific equipment including hand lenses and microscopes to observe them in minute detail. We have a lovely collection in class including granite, pumice, sandstone and even some precious marble!

In English we are working hard to recount the events in AD 79 when the mountain 'exploded' and showered Pompeii in boiling hot ash. We hope to flood our writing with wonderful adjectives so our work really does come to life. 

Our R. E focus for learning has been 'Called to Change.' This is concerning how we are all guilty of doing things wrong but knowing that God is always going to forgive us and welcome us back into his kingdom - as long as we are truly sorry. We have heard the story of Zacchaeus and how he hid up in a tree to avoid Jesus, but how Jesus surprised him and everyone else when he said to him - "Come down, I am going to eat with you tonight.”



Maths homework will be sent out on Monday for return on Thursday. This is so if there are any problems with any part of the homework the children can ask for some help in class with it. We aim to mark it together in class at the start of the lesson on Thursday so it is important that everyone has it in class. 

English homework - 


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New Curriculum 2014

Maths Curriculum

English Curriculum

Learn by Heart Facts

Maths Magician



Previous units of learning

          Gods and Mortals       Image result for zeus lightning bolt

This half term we are travelling back 2500 years to explore the life of the Ancient Greeks.

Our Report writing in English will focus on the Ancient Olympics as well as the famous Ancient Greek Gods of Zeus and many more!

In Maths we are focusing on our understanding of number and place value and our 4 methods.  Please practice the 2, 5, 10 and now 4 times tables with your children.



Our topic this half term is all about food!

In Science, we are learning what it means to be healthy.  We will explore the food groups and develop our understanding of nutrition and a balanced diet.

In our English work, we will be following and writing instructions.  This will include making some delicious (hopefully!) treats.  

We will we doing some observational drawings using our sketching skills, pictures of our finished work to follow.

Please keep learning your times tables - especially your 4s and 8s.

Click here to try moon maths to help you learn. Moon Maths