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Let us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for GodLet us do something beautiful for God


In the Summer term in year 5 we will continue with our Egypt topic. We will make Canopic jars, research the importance of the River Nile and write diary entries.

Then we will begin our final topic Mini Beasts where we will look at the animals in our local environment and those further afield. We will create our own creature, write fact files about them and hopefully come face to face with some real mini beasts!

Science will also be linked to our Mini Beast topic. We will create food chains and be able to define the terms such as predator, prey, consumer and producer. We will know and be able to explain, using scientific vocabulary, the life cycle of some animals and plants, such as butterflies and frogs.


Life in the Risen Lord is our new RE topic. We will know the Jesus is risen from the dead and is present to us in different ways. We will hear the story of Jesus appearance to Mary of Magdala and in groups turn it into a play script which we will act out. We will have an opportunity to learn about different ways of praying and Jesus’ teachings.



Ingleborough Hall Residential 2018

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Moses and the Exodus


Welcome to the Spring Term.

Year 5 started the Spring term with a visit to the Wonderdome to launch our new topic - Stargazers.  We have already learned lots of interesting facts about the planets and wrote funny mnemonics to help us remember their names.  We have been building on this by researching what it would be like as an astronaut and are writing the biography of Tim Peake.   Hopefully, we will be ready for blast off soon!

Homework will be the same as last term and home reading books need  to school every day.  There is the opportunity to change books as needed.  Remember to fill in the daily reading record .


Welcome to Year 5

This half term, our topic is called Alchemy Island. This unit brings a fantasy adventure to our English work. It begins with a riddle for the children to solve and then leads into travelling through a 'portal' to an ancient citadel, where we can explore one of 4 kingdoms. The children learn how to use 6 figure grid references and design their own maps. 

We will explore the life of an alchemist - the ancient art of turning base metals into Gold!! This will involve designing our own science outfits and creating potions in class. 



Homework - this is really important if children are going to reach their potential.

Maths is given out every Monday and expected back in class to mark together on Thursday. It should not be a 'chore' on a Wednesday evening - so encourage your child to map in time during the week to get it completed. Booster classes are always available for homework help - just ask and bring your homework book so notes can be put in there for help later.

English is given out on Tuesday and expected back in on Friday morning. This will usually be linked to Grammar and Punctuation exercises. It is important that sentence writing is done carefully, with special regard to handwriting and spellings - please sign all homework.

Reading Books - reading is vital if children are going to achieve in the outside world. For this reason a great deal of time and effort is placed on Reading in school. Encourage the children to read at home regularly, to bring their books back in on time and to enjoy reading a range of materials from novels, comics, newspapers and fictional texts.

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