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Nursery Transition

September 2020


Welcome to Little Ants Nursery! Here you will find information about starting Nursery in September 2020.  

Please find below a list of expectations which will hopefully help you at home to encourage your child to be ‘Nursery ready.’

Your child;

  • Can put on/take off a simple pair of shoes (with Velcro)
  • Can put their coat on (with some assistance)
  • Can go to the toilet independently, wipe themselves and wash their hands
  • Can feed themselves with a spoon/knife/fork
  • Can follow simple instructions, i.e put your coat on

A day in Nursery

The video below shows some of the activities that we do in the Nursery setting. 

Meet the staff

Mrs H Lalor

Foundation Stage Manager

Mrs R McDermott

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Petrie

Teaching Assistant

Miss E Spencer

Teaching Assistant