St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Year groups Reception to Year 6 - Doors will open at 8.35am and close at 8.50am to give children a 15 minute window to arrive at school. Nursery starts at 9.00am.

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Nursery Transition

September 2021


Welcome to Little Ants Nursery! Here you will find information about starting Nursery in September 2021.  

New parent welcome meeting

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, we have had to postpone our July welcome meeting for new parents. We hope to schedule this to happen early in September. If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact school and speak to the Early Years Leader.

Please find below a list of expectations which will hopefully help you at home to encourage your child to be ‘Nursery ready.’

Your child;

  • Can put on/take off a simple pair of shoes (with Velcro)
  • Can put their coat on (with some assistance)
  • Can go to the toilet independently, wipe themselves and wash their hands
  • Can feed themselves with a spoon/knife/fork
  • Can follow simple instructions, i.e put your coat on

A day in Nursery

The video below shows some of the activities that we do in the Nursery setting. 

Meet the staff

Mrs H Lalor

Foundation Stage Manager

Mrs R McDermott

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Petrie

Teaching Assistant

Miss E Spencer

Teaching Assistant