St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Year groups Reception to Year 6 - Doors will open at 8.35am and close at 8.50am to give children a 15 minute window to arrive at school. Nursery starts at 9.00am.




Parents are the first teachers of their children and as such are the most important influence in educating and preparing them for adult life. In this regard there are many ways that parents can be involved in the school home partnership. From assisting with homework, reading newsletters and getting involved in the spiritual life of the school you can all make this school community the best at it can be. 


Follow the linked pages to access information regarding the life of the school. You will find information relating to holidays, school uniform, school lunches and snacks, reports on the school's performance, attendance, weekly newsletters and before and after school provisions. 


If the information you require is not available online simply call the school office.