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School is open for key worker children/vulnerable children. We are also open to wider year groups as per the letter dated 24th June 2020.All other children should be accessing home learning on the class pages. These will be updated weekly.


Welcome to Nursery!


Please continue to send photos of work you have been undertaking at home

Nursery Home Learning Grid - updated Monday 6.7.20

Hello Nursery!

Again, it has been wonderful to see some Nursery children this week.

To those still at home we are missing you lots and hopefully we will see you soon.

The learning grid has been updated for this week. This week we are learning about Jellyfish. See what you can find out about them. Again lots of creative activities to get stuck into!

Please, please, please continue to update us on twitter with what you are doing at home as it always brightens up our day!

As always, I hope you all continue to be happy, healthy and safe.

Mrs Lalor


Please find some helpful website links below in regards to learning at home. There are lots of great ideas to keep you and your family busy. Please also find the link to primary essence below. We would continue to encourage parents to log onto primary essence and add their own observations of what the children have been learning about at home. Thank you.


      Hungry Little Minds                                                   The Home Learning Environment                                  100 things to do indoors           20 things to do at home                                               Topmarks                                                                                    50 things to do before you're 5

White Rose - Maths activities                                       Cosmic kids yoga

Nursery rhyme songtime pictures

Sensory fun

Fun ideas for fine motor skills


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Welcome to Spring 1! We hope you had a lovely Christmas break.


During this half term we will be exploring our new topic of Arctic explorers and Traditional Tales.  

 We will continue to plan and assess using the Early Years curriculum, however the children's interests will continue to be at the core of everything that we do.


The stories we will be using as a stimulus for this topic include;

Non-fiction texts related to the Arctic/Antartica, Iris and Isaac, the Frozen story, Snow white and the seven dwarfs, The three little pigs, Little red riding hood and The three billy goat gruff. 


In phonic sessions we will now be working in small groups matched to our ability. We will be learning how to;

identify words with the same initial sound and identify rhyme and rhythmic patterns. We will also continue to develop our understanding of keeping to a steady beat, aswell as learning to talk about instrumental and everyday sounds.


In Number we will;

continue to match quantities to numerals. We will also be encouraging children to explore their own number problems, i.e. if I have 3 buns and give 1 to my friend, how many will I have left?

We will also be learning to recognise numbers from 1-10 and beyond out of context.

In shape, space and measure we will be learning how to use positional language. We will also continue to describe different shapes we see using everyday language and mathematical language.


 We want to share  your child's learning with you, so please look regularly on Primary Essence

 allowing us to share the children's experiences . Please see the links below for further information on how to support your child's development.


As always if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of staff. Thank you for your continued support!

The Nursery team 

January 2020


Mrs Lalor, Mrs McDermott, Mrs Petrie and Miss Spencer