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School is now closed until Monday 6th September 2021. Have a lovely summer and stay safe. We look forward to seeing you in the new term.

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Welcome to Year One!

Hello Year 1,

What a shame our Y1 Bubble burst on the very last day! We did so well to get this far without popping though! Thank you so much for your lovely cards and presents. Thank you also for being an AWESOME class, we've loved teaching you all.

Happy Summer holiday!

With love from,

Mrs Moran, Mrs Holdsworth, Mrs Ellis and Miss Scott xxxx

Maths Homework

Year One Home Learning

Children Isolating - Home Learning

Tuesday 11th May - Math's activity

Wednesday 12th May - Math's activity

Friday 14th May - Math's activity

Tuesday 18th May - Math's activity

Thursday 20th May - Math's activity

Home Learning Weekly Timetables

 Week 1 Home Learning Timetable.docxDownload
 Week 2 Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
 Week 3 Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
 Week 4 Home Learning Timetable..pdfDownload
 Week 5 Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
 Week 6 Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
 Week 7 Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
 Week 8 Home Learning Timetable.pdfDownload
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 Lions Phonics - w/c 1st March

 Tigers Phonics - w/c 1st March











Home Learning Creative Grids

 Week 1 Home Learning Creative Grid.docxDownload
 Week 2 Home Learning Creative Grid.pdfDownload
 Week 3 Home Learning Creative Grid.pdfDownload
 Week 4 Home Learning Creative Grid..pdfDownload
 Week 5 Home Learning Creative Grid.pdfDownload
 Week 6 Home Learning Creative Grid.pdfDownload
 Week 7 Home Learning Creative Grid.pdfDownload
 Week 8 Home Learning Creative Grid.pdfDownload
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Previous Home Learning Grids and Resources

 Week 1 Compare groups of objects.pdfDownload
 Week 1 Covid-19 What are your worries and how can you cope.pdfDownload
 Week 1 Epiphany.pdfDownload
 Week 1 Find a part.pdfDownload
 Week 1 Home Learning Creative Grid.docxDownload
 Week 1 Home Learning Timetable.docxDownload
 Week 1 Winter Themed Maths Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
 Week 2 Add by counting on.pdfDownload
 Week 2 Add ones using number bonds.pdfDownload
 Week 2 Back to Earth with a Bump story.pdfDownload
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In case you haven't already seen our Christmas Nativity video:

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