St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

School is open for key worker children/vulnerable children. We are also open to wider year groups as per the letter dated 24th June 2020.All other children should be accessing home learning on the class pages. These will be updated weekly.


Year 4

Hello Year 4.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you next week. I'm missing you all and I wish we could have had everyone coming back in. We will hopefully be able to see each other soon. 

My challenge for you this week is to upload any pictures of work you have done to our purple mash class blog. Click here to see instructions on how to do this.

I have uploaded a new learning grid this week so there is plenty to keep you busy!

I have also set some more 2do's on purple mash and I enjoy reading your comments so that I can leave a comment back to you. 

I miss you all. Stay safe. Keep smiling. Look after yourselves. Keep washing your hands. 

Mr Malt

You can still choose between the activities on this weeks grid or from any previous week.

Week 1 (click here)                                                                     Week 2 (click here)

Week 3 (click here)                                                                     Week 4 (click here)

Week 5 (click here)                                                                     Week 6 (click here) 

 Week 7 (click here)                                                                    Week 8 (click here)

Week 9 (click here)                                                                     Week 10 (click here)

Week 11 (click here)                                                                   Week 12 (click here)

Week 13 (click here)

Home Learning

Sing along and warm those vocal muscles and feel good with our very own Mr Leech from the Diocese of Leeds Singing Programme -        Sing with Mr Leech


Click here to see the St Peter and St Paul PowerPoint mentioned on the home learning grid. 


Have a read through this story. See if you can work out how it links to our virtue of humility.  XT27 (click here)


I have found some comprehension activities linked to Harry Potter. Have a go and see if you can answer enough to be admitted to Hogwarts. 

(click here)


These websites can be used to help support learning from home

     Spelling zone                       My mini maths                 Times tables rockstars         

                         Purple mash                         Pobble 365


Log on to this website to listen to stories - for free!


The following are reading comprehensions that can be done at home - just click on the links.

Text 1                                       Comprehension 1                                 

Text 2                                       Comprehension 2

Text 3                                       Comprehension 3

(new comprehensions)

Comprehension 4

Comprehension 5

Comprehension 6


The following are reading activities which focus on the skill of prediction. Read through the poster which explains what prediction is and how to do it. Once you have done that, work through the prediction activities.

Prediction poster

Activity 1                                                                           Activity 2                                                                     Activity 3

The following are GPS mats with questions to work through - just click the links

  Year 3 and 4 spelling list

GPS Summer mat 1                                                          GPS Summer mat 2                                                      GPS Summer mat 3

Have a look at these activities from classroom secrets. There is a teaching PowerPoint, and then two different activities related to paragraphing. 

PowerPoint                                                                      Activity 1                                                                     Activity 2


The following are arithmetic tests that can be done as practice

Test 1                                                                                       Test 2                                                                          Test 3

Test 4                                                                                        Test 5                                                                         Test 6

Have a go at some of the rounding activities that have been set as 2dos on purple mash.

Also have a look at the maths frame website for some brilliant activities to with rounding. Click here

The following are challenge cards that you can work through to refresh your knowledge in areas of maths

Place value                                              Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division                        Fractions

Additional resources for home learning

Professor problemo                                 30 maths starters

Primary maths games                              Top marks maths

Maths frame                                           Maths frame times table checker


For science you can do at home with an adult - just click on the links

Experiments for kids

Science fun at home

Welcome to Year 4's class page

This half term our topic is The Romans. 

We will be learning about The Romans, how they lived and what legacy they have left behind. 

This topic will be mainly taught through the subject of History, but will also include Geography, Art and D&T. 




The team in Year 4 this year includes myself (Mr Malt), Mrs Celaire and Miss Ditta. If you have any problems or any questions, please come in and ask. We would be happy to help.


Our English homework will go out on a Tuesday and will be due in on a Friday.

Our spellings will go out on a Tuesday and we will have a test the following Tuesday. I would like to see the sheets on a Friday to see that some practice has been done.

Our maths homework will go out on a Friday and will be due in on a Tuesday.

P.E will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure that both indoor and outdoor kits are in school for these days. 

Thank you for your continued support in these matters.

This years Year 4 class will be undertaking the Multiplication Tables Check in the summer term. In preparation for this, I would be grateful if the children could access TimesTables Rockstars to ensure they are practising their times tables. 

The maths 'How to' section...

Here you can find useful video links to help with some of the mental maths methods used in class.

How to find 'jigsaw' numbers to 100 (number bonds).

How to add using column addition

How to subtract using column method

Multiplication skills game

Teach yourself coordinates



Click on the links below for information on the new curriculum:

New Curriculum 2014

Maths Curriculum

English Curriculum