St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Year groups Reception to Year 6 - Doors will open at 8.35am and close at 8.50am to give children a 15 minute window to arrive at school. Nursery starts at 9.00am.



Mrs M T Bannister

Deputy Headteacher 
Mr J Kendall


Nursery - Mrs H Lalor

Reception - Mrs S Campbell

Year 1 - Mrs J Moran/Mrs C Holdsworth

Year 2  - Mrs G Cox

Year 3 - Mrs C Clayton

Year 4 -  Mr R Malt

Year 5 - Mrs Bartlett

Year 6 - Miss K Allen


Miss C Clayton


Mrs W Price
Mrs J Walton


Cover Supervisors

Mrs J Jawnyj

Mrs J Ratcliffe


Teaching Assistants

Mrs B McLaughlin
Mrs S Celaire

Mrs M Ellis

Mrs R Petrie

Mrs R McDermott

Miss E Spencer

Mrs S Cooper

Miss A Ditta

Miss C Williams

Miss N Scott


Site Manager

Mr M Hopkinson

School Business Manager

Mrs J Foden

Administrative Assistant
Martyn Filson


School Cleaners
Mrs J Walker

Mrs J Briggs

Lunchtime Supervisors 

Mrs J Walker

Mrs Z Joshi

Mrs A Rani

Mrs M Lad

Miss C Williams

Xtra Club Staff

Awaiting appointment

Breakfast Club

Mrs J Walker 

Kitchen Staff

Miss S Bowers

Mrs D Mistry

Mrs A Rana